Got No Time for Pity Parties

Canada provides employment insurance benefit to people in case they lose their job. So when I was laid off, I applied to receive this benefit. However, this process didn’t come smoothly for me… It went on to investigation rulings from both CRA and Service Canada that lasted for more than a month. I almost gave up! (Usually the waiting time is two weeks)

While waiting for the employment insurance rulings result, I took classes in Accounting and French. I realized, all along, God had been directing me and fanning into flame a lot of dreams for myself and my family. My husband and I even started a small group in our community to care for young adults and young couples with a vision to reach out to our friends, family and he community, similar to what I did in my previous job. I was also given an opportunity to help build a ministry in our church. I felt like I don’t have time for pity parties!

Here’s how to apply for employment insurance: Click HERE

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