Sudden Turn of Events

This year started a bit rough. With a new pharmacy job that I got from December of 2015 in Burnaby, I learned that I do not have a schedule in the beginning of January. So I contacted the person that hired me to ask what my schedule is since I didn’t get a memo that I was let go. This person asked me if I can work in another location which was in Vancouver. There were two options. First is a Vancouver location that will give me 32 hours of work with a possibility of getting to 40 hours/week of work in the future. The second option was another Vancouver location but the pharmacy starts at 5:30am. I was grateful that there are options for me, but I told this person that I don’t want to promise something that I cannot deliver. I don’t have a car at the time so I chose the first option. I was happy with my schedule and my work at the pharmacy. I like multitasking and learning new things. After a few weeks, I was asked to work at that pharmacy that starts at 5:30am. I was hesitant but I was convinced as they arranged a ride for me. However, the person that picks me up has start his work after he drops me off to the pharmacy at around 4:45am. He was nice enough to wait until the pharmacist arrives to open the store. But the pharmacist doesn’t like that being bugged to come early… I felt like I’m being a burden to the team… So I talked to the person in charge of the scheduling. And come next week Monday… I received a text from my Vancouver manager that I am no longer needed in the store, in short I was let go.

My reaction? Bewilderment turned to self pity then realization! I was devastated but somehow I didn’t panic. Around February, God gave me a longing for a different path. Therefore my husband and I revisited our priorities, goals and finances. So before I got laid off, we were kind of prepared financially. This might have set us back a little but this didn’t shake us.

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