April 2015

  As the famous quote say, no man is an island. We cannot live this life in a healthy way by ourselves. We all are created and wired for relationships. I can’t imagine my life in ministry without my team. Especially when we are reaching out to friends and students. […]

March 2015

Two ladies from two different places. Both students. Both are in the process of being refined. Both of them… SAVED! Charlotte, an international student in SFU, decided to follow Jesus in our previous Ladies’ Night. Nikki, my cousin, setting foot on university campus in North California this coming Fall, decided […]

February 2015

February is considered to be the love month. In ENC, we consider year round to spread God’s love to people around us. I was with my ladies having dinner, just sharing life together and prayed for each other and the campus. Mandy is the youngest baby Christian we have in […]