When Life Threw Me Some Lemons

The lemons thrown at me happened for a reason. I believe God didn’t throw those at me. He used what could’ve been harmful for me to turn into something that’s good! If I didn’t get laid off, I wont have the time to take the classes I planned on taking […]

My Answer

Then one morning, my husband texted me to notify me that my employment insurance benefits came! A week before this happened, I was ready to give up hoping for it to be in my favour but then my small group prayed for me and encouraged me to believe and wait […]

Got No Time for Pity Parties

Canada provides employment insurance benefit to people in case they lose their job. So when I was laid off, I applied to receive this benefit. However, this process didn’t come smoothly for me… It went on to investigation rulings from both CRA and Service Canada that lasted for more than […]